The Charleston real estate market favors sellers right now, so what can homebuyers do to make sure they get a property? I’ll share a few tips today.

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Charleston is in a seller’s market, and the market will continue to favor sellers as we go through the spring and summer. What does that mean for buyers?

If you plan on buying a home in Charleston, you need to be prepared.

First, you need to talk to a lender. You might find yourself in a competitive situation where there are multiple offers on a home. In that case, you have to be pre-approved by a lender. Sellers are not going to look at your offer unless you have been pre-approved by a lender, so make sure you talk to a lender first.

If you are buying a home with cash, then you need to have proof of funds to show that you have sufficient funds to purchase the property.

It’s very helpful to work on the seller’s emotions in a competitive market situation.

In the residential real estate market, things tend to be very emotional. Writing a letter to the seller about you and your family can really help. Even if you are single and buying a home on your own, you should write a letter—sellers often find that very admirable. Whether you are single, engaged, or buying a home for your family, it’s very helpful to work on the seller’s emotions in a competitive market situation.

If you have any specific questions about lenders, improving your credit, or where to buy a home in this market, please give us a call or send us an email. My team and I would be happy to help you become an excellent buyer in this competitive seller’s market.