If you are planning to buy a home, these three steps will help you present as an excellent buyer.

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If you’re in the market for a new home in this challenging market, it’s important to present yourself as an excellent buyer. Here are three easy tips that will help you present yourself as a serious, responsible buyer.

1. Be financially prepared. To buy a home, you will need funds for a down payment, closing costs, and cash-reserves that the lender may look at if you’re trying to secure a loan. Make sure you’ve spoken with a lender and come to any seller with a pre-approval letter. If you’re intending to pay cash for a property, make sure you’ve contacted a financial manager or other bank official and can produce a letter proving you have sufficient funds to purchase the property.

2. Look for houses that appeal to you. At Healthy Realty, we tell our buyers not to fall in love with just one house, but to look for several properties that appeal to them. If you have two or three properties in mind before you approach any sellers, you will be in a stronger position to negotiate the price you’re after for the home you want.

Instead of falling in love with one house, look for two or three properties that you’re satisfied with.

3. Write an emotional letter of appeal to the seller. Especially if you are in a multiple-offer scenario, a letter describing you, your family, your plans for life in the property, and the financial preparations you’ve made is going to be a great advantage for you in getting a great price and beating out multiple offers.

Along with being a great buyer, it’s important to have a great agent. We have a great team at Healthy Reality, with professional, enthusiastic agents ready to help you buy a home.

If you have any questions about buying a home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!